Video feature from Lawrence University, The Lawrence Minute: Collaborative Performance:

Seniors Margaret McNeal ’16 and Jon Hanrahan ’16 have worked closely with other students, faculty, alumni and business professionals to craft a deeply personal production. Moreover, their collaborative performance (Lilith) extends outside campus and beyond graduation. From learning how to apply for grants to commissioning Grammy Award–winning composers, this project serves as a launch pad for their lives after Lawrence.

Izzy Yellen's Meditations on Lilith (click here):

Throughout the hour-long performance, I was focused like I never had been before. The anticipation I felt before the first piece in the silence and the dark was prolonged until the end of the concert, when the held applause erupted after a long moment of silence. Never before had I felt an audience hold their breath, stunned like that, at a recital before—possibly even any concert in general.